Intelligent automation keeps Skore

February 11th 2019

Technopole customer, Skore has a new digital product, called Robotic Assess, aimed at making organisations more productive through a combination of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

A management consultancy software specialist in Hampshire is disrupting technology – by identifying which repetitive tasks best require automation. Skore’s new digital product is aimed at making organisations more productive through a combination of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence.

Usage means a range of mundane back-office tasks, such as editing spreadsheets and sending emails, no longer need be carried out manually, improving efficiency and eliminating human error.

Blue-chip customers

Blue-chip companies and public sector organisations are already utilising Skore’s Robotic Assess, an analytical tool that sits on top of the start-up’s software platform.

Other customers are also looking to implement the intelligent automation analytics by Skore, which operates out of Portsmouth Technopole, close to the M275 gateway to the port city.

Skore, which has been at the innovation hub for nearly two years, is used by businesses and technology-consulting companies to understand how a business really works in terms of its processes, people and technology.

It allows customers to clearly articulate their needs and requirements so that technology solutions can be implemented to maximise productivity and cost savings.

Demonstrating cost savings

Craig Willis, Skore’s operations director, warned that companies which incorrectly apply RPA may not see the returns on investment they expected.
He said: “A key reason for this is that the technology is not always implemented in the right place or on the right process - when you get a new hammer it's easy to see every problem as a nail and end up applying the wrong tool for the job. “However, Robotic Assess is built on the Skore platform and approach, allowing an organisation to quickly identify the processes most suitable for application of RPA technology.

“It further identifies potential ‘candidates’ and makes recommendations for how to re-engineer these processes to make them fit. “Finally it allows you to build a business case that demonstrates the expected cost savings. It essentially allows companies to be laser focused when applying RPA technology.”

Partnership in cutting-edge technologies

Robotic Assess has been developed by Skore in partnership with Reinvigoration, an operational excellence consultancy in Cardiff which uses cutting-edge technologies to help private and public organisations transform their service operations for customers. The product can be used in all sectors, such as financial services, shared services, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, utilities, public sector and retail.

Robin Sheppard is centre manager at Portsmouth Technopole, home to 38 companies, with up to 350 people on site. She said: “It’s great to see the Skore team, two of whom graduated from the city’s university, enabling private and public organisations to sharpen their competitive edge through smarter intelligent automation. “The start-up is an inspirational example of an agile, humble business which is disrupting technology in a way few of us believed would have been possible just a few years ago.“Skore has also benefitted from trade introductions made by Richard May, Portsmouth Technopole’s in-house innovation director.”

Enhancing productivity

Craig and head of partnerships Chris Green are both graduates from the University of Portsmouth. The third member of the team is product and technical director Colin Claverie.

Skore started out providing management consultancy and software-as-a-service, working with dozens of organisations across the world to make them more productive.

For instance, 80 days of wasted time in a builder’s training administration system were exposed.
Skore’s propriety software is utilised by consultants, analysts and end users on a licence fee basis, with recurring revenues to complement face-to-face management consultancy revenues.

Portsmouth Technopole is one of the University of Portsmouth innovation centres, supporting businesses within the region and helping to develop stronger working relationships between students, academics and business. Other University of Portsmouth centres are Cell Block Studios, Innovation Space and The Future Technology Centre.

What is robotic process automation (RPA)?

RPA is a rapidly growing sector, with some of the key players based in the UK. It is the application of smart software coded to mimic the actions of a real person on their work computer, enabling a ‘robot’ (the software) to perform tasks instead as a virtual worker.

It is now commonly adopted in high volume, resource-intensive repetitive tasks such as data entry and back-office functions and is significantly more productive and accurate than human workers.

According to industry figures, the RPA market is forecast to be worth £5.4 billion by 2024.

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