Drink up! Why hydration is key to being productive!

March 13th 2019

It’s one thing we should all probably do more of – drink water! It can be so easy to go through the day drinking tea and coffee and neglecting to hydrate our bodies properly with water. We rely on the caffeine to keep us alert and performing throughout the day but what a lot of people don’t realise is the part that good old water can play in keeping you focused!


Dehydration can cause negative effects on mental and physical function of the body. With so much of our bodies being made up of water, it’s key to keep our hydration levels high in order to perform at our best. Do you ever find yourself with a dry mouth, regular headaches or poor concentration? These can all be symptoms of dehydration!


The European Food Safety Authority recommends that men should consume about 2.5L or water per day and women should consume 2L of water per day. 70% – 80% of the hydration we need comes from drinking whilst the other 20% – 30% comes from the food that we eat.


Sometimes, we can even feel hungry when actually our body is thirsty. This means we can be consuming snacks and food that we don’t actually require, we just need to drink some more water! If you’re trying to lose a few extra pounds, increasing your water intake can aid this and also help you feel much more alert and energetic as being dehydrated can make us feel tired.


Here’s some tips to help you drink more water!

  • Invest in a large bottle that holds the amount of water you need to consume per day – this is a good way to track where you are!
  • Download an app or set a reminder on your phone to drink water every hour
  • Use your diary or planner to tick off the glasses of water you are having each day – having it on your to do list makes it more likely to get done!
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