Portsmouth-based, City EV to install 200 EV Chargers in Brighton

Following their success in London and Reading Portsmouth-based, City EV will install 200 affordable EV lamp post Chargers in Brighton's most congested streets

May 1st 2020

City EV was founded four years ago by MD Peter Lagesse and long-time partner and technical director Bob Morris. They had successfully sold their last business making base station controllers for mobile networks to Erricson. Their next business venture City EV was inspired by their own experience of driving Electric Vehicles (EVs). 

We had both bought EVs because it seemed to be the way forward for contributing towards transport in a cleaner environment”, said Lagesse, ”but we soon found the charging network frequently very sparse across the country or not there at all. If EV use is to grow, we must cater for owners who can’t charge their cars at home because they don’t have driveways, The idea is that eventually, nobody who needs to charge their car will be more than 50 yards from a charging point”



The team started to develop their own charging points and soon realised they could produce cost-effective, easy to install chargers that could be used in the public domain. Their lamp post chargers are easy to instal as they use 3kW power supply “which is what you get when you dig up the road. This makes them cheap and easy to install for local authorities.


Peter Lagesse City EV Portsmouth Technopole

Peter Lagesse

“Making what was needed had parallels with the business we’d just left – designing and setting up unmanned, connected networks – so we decided to give it a go. We even had a ready-made parts supply chain.”


“Now they’ve seen we’re ready with an affordable and deliverable product, some of the more progressive authorities have started beating a path to our door. Even during the lockdown, we’ve had a busy time dealing with enquiries.”


Bob Morris

As well as the street chargers, City EV makes a range of their own-design fast and rapid chargers for home and business use. The team whose registered office is at The Portsmouth Technopole are delighted with the support they have received locally and look forward to expanding their business into Europe later this year.

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