Bladez Toyz – why fun has never been so important

September 24th 2020

Iain Morgan founded Bladez Toyz in 2007 after securing £100,000 of investment from Peter Jones’ TV’s Tycoons. Iain started out selling imported toys from a market stall in Portsmouth’s Commercial Road. His desire to constantly improve things led to him redesigning packaging and ultimately setting up his own toy company which now designs toys for big-name brands such as Harry Potter, Batman and Barbie.

Iain has gone on to build a successful global company, Bladez Toyz, with a team of eleven people based at the Portsmouth Technopole where the company has been headquartered for more than 10 years With Global, European and UK licensee approval from big names such as Hot Wheels, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, Batman and Barbie, the company designs and distributes innovative toys developed to create lasting memories for the children of today and the adults of tomorrow. Iain says: “All our toys are both fun and educational whether they are for pre-schoolers or teenagers, we want them to create memories your family can treasure.”


Make your own kits have become a key trend in lockdown

During the COVID 19 lockdown period, the team saw an increase in toy sales as parents sought to keep children entertained at home. 

Arts and Crafts and make-it-yourself toy sets have been a rising trend this year amongst parents in search of activities that help to develop children’s confidence. To this end, Iain’s team have created Hot Wheels Mini Makers Kitz – a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car that comes flat packed in a ‘blind bag’ adding a surprise element and giving children the opportunity and skills to build their own Hot Wheels car. They even have a pull-back motor, and they fit on Hot Wheels tracks! For £2.99 they are going to be extremely popular and are available in Tesco, Morrisons and Asda now.

Bladez Toyz has also created Build-your-Own Hot Wheels Monster Trucks that can go off-road!


Play is crucial for child development

Iain explains: “During the pandemic where stress and anxiety may be quite high for children and their parents, putting fun on the agenda has never been more important. Playing isn’t just for fun; it helps people bond and helps children to learn about the world and develop ways of expressing themselves. Play and attention are crucial for child development and can be a great stress reliever for adults too. While we’ve all been locked down at home together, it is essential to find ways to make each other laugh, find common ground and sometimes just be a bit silly. We created the Hot Wheels kits to be budget-friendly and to give the children get a real sense of achievement that they’ve created something for themselves.”

Parents of toddlers will love their Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle – perfect for little ones and their parents as it has all of the fun but is completely mess-free! No more cursing Peppa as your toddler comes home dripping wet and covered in mud again. For older children, the range of build your own Hot Wheels Maker Kitz and Bladez own range of mini-drones are incredibly popular. The drones are built for play, teaching children fine motor skills as they learn to control and fly them. Strongly built but under 250grams they can be flown indoors or outdoors.


Knowing why you do what you do is key

Iain’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is: “To keep pushing on even when things get tough – it is really important to know why you are doing what you do!

Keep your plan moving forward every day and don’t lose hope when a barrier pops up. It is crucial to be able to trust your own judgement and ignore the naysayers when the going gets tough. Self-belief is important but knowing why you are doing it is the thing that keeps you going”.


In it for the long haul

‘Maintaining perspective on your life in all areas is also key – it can be hard with suppliers, distributors and customers all over the globe. I’ve learn that with everyone on their own timezones I need to build in breaks for myself so I can be operating at my best. I’ve learnt that I need to balance all areas of my life when I’m working hard and not just focus on work alone. Success is about giving your best of all areas of your life.’ 


Cracking the USA

With sales already in the UK, Europe, Korea, Canada, Russia and Australia, to name but a few markets, the USA is Iain’s next target market to conquer. His plans for the future include, ‘cracking the USA toy market, launching innovative new ranges in 2021 and distributing a wider range of toys in the UK.’ 


Christmas fun for families

In the run-up to Christmas, his team have been working hard to get the £2.99 Hot Wheels Mini Makers Kitz into supermarkets as they are ideal stocking fillers and should provide lots of fun for families this festive season. For £2.99 they are going to be extremely popular and are available in Tesco, Morrisons and Asda now.

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