Get up-to-date with our latest news and discover how other founders have flourished by reading our case studies. The University of Portsmouth have also provided a number of these case studies to showcase their extensive support of the centre.

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November 30th 2016

Ellis Day Ltd

Ellis Day Ltd is an innovation focused business with a wide ranging portfolio of patented concepts and technologies.

November 30th 2016

Gobbler Boats Ltd

Gobbler Boats Ltd was founded by Paul Jauncey in response to an urgent worldwide need for a water based, versatile oil spill recovery solution.

November 30th 2016

KCC Limited

KCC specialise in the development and supply of a wide range of sustainable lower carbon ‘Eco’ materials.

November 30th 2016

The Recycled Assets Company Limited

The Recycled Assets Company Limited (TRACO) is a social enterprise company have been working with Portsmouth University via the Environmental Innovation Network (E-iNet) with the University able to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of the briquettes and provide evidence fully supporting the reported benefits. […]

November 30th 2016


Sarchex Ltd has benefitted from Environmental Innovation Network (EiNet) and subsequent university support for their innovative modular construction system using hexagonal elements that can be quickly clamped together to form a strong honeycomb structure. […]

November 30th 2016

New Forest Biscotti

New Forest Biscotti (NFB) produces an award winning range of artisan, double baked biscotti biscuits and engaging the University of Portsmouth to review existing packaging materials. […]